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platinum alternatives for catalyst

Replacement of platinum and palladium
Download PDF • 179KB

Alternatives to Rhodium-Platinum Alloys
Download PDF • 516KB

Substitution among Platinum Group Metals - CME Group
Download PDF • 1.36MB

How the metal gurus hunt down a change of catalyst _ E&T Magazine
Download PDF • 168KB

-------------> this pdf is made by UK and heavily sponsored by Chinese Industry. may be biased.

Platinum-free catalysts could make cheaper hydrogen fuel cells _ Argonne National Laborato
Download • 2.51MB

Graphene doped Platinum catalyst
Download PDF • 7.90MB

MIT developing platinum replacement - MINING.COM
Download PDF • 890KB

2015 platinum replacement-catalyst
Download PDF • 394KB

Iron Nitrogen compounds in Graphene
Download PDF • 57KB

Cobalt may substitute platinum in fuel cells - MINING.COM
Download PDF • 32.15MB

An Good Example of Bio-catalyst !!!!

Spinach an excellent alternative to platinum in fuel cells, finds new study
Download PDF • 3.63MB


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